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Rotate Deck
Rotate Deck

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Цена: $5
Последнее обновление мода: 17-08-2011, 08:55
#16  Написал: Banana12 7 января 2018 05:30

can you suggest a theme , to get work it ? thank you for your response
#15  Написал: T56X 7 января 2018 00:55
Banana12, any theme in which cards set wide apart. I added to your account Create Deck. Try.
#14  Написал: Banana12 7 января 2018 00:48

instead of the default theme, which theme should i use, to get work it ?! then i take the create deck
#13  Написал: T56X 6 января 2018 23:55
Banana12, i you use Mercury, Nova or any PS default theme, these cards won't be working correctly with them. You should use cards with 2 indexes. For example, you can see such cards on our website: Create Deck, Pacific Deck, Minima Deck, Indian Deck and so on. Choose one of them and I'll replace cards you bought to cards you chose.

There is no another way to solve this problem. Sorry.
#12  Написал: Banana12 6 января 2018 14:01
Quote: T56X

and how iknow which ofe them are modified ?!

Quote: T56X

and how iknow which ofe them are modified ?! and , again, i want these cards , the same like in the picture here are above. specially for this, i bought this theme.

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